Social Media

The power of social media as an online communications tool has revolutionised the way businesses connect and inform consumers. Creating a Social Media platform will increase your brand awareness. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Linked In are a driving force to capturing consumer attention and interest allowing businesses to capitalise by driving consumers towards their website showcasing products and services. EMP will ensure your brand has a consistent and professional presence across all social media platforms.

Facebook is the most valuable social media platform for online marketing and with the use of incentives can increase brand awareness by up to 40%. Social media is accessed by millions of people on a daily basis via smart phones, tablets and computers. Social media is rapidly becoming the most powerful and cost effective promotional tool that a business can utilise in its marketing arsenal.

How does Social Media work:

Social Media is the future of communication, a countless array of internet based tools and platforms that increase and enhance the sharing of information. For businesses, social media offers a cost effective form of advertising, promotion, customer service and sales. With the use of exceptional copywriting, your social media will create a spiral effect by capturing peoples interest and attention towards your product or service. This information is shared between family, friends, colleagues and interest groups resulting in social chatter about your brand and channelling traffic to your website.
The Social Media Aspect

By using Facebook, Twitter and Linked In you are effectively jumping into a new market for your product. Social media brings with it an unlimited potential of networking leading to recommendations, likes and endorsements. Essentially allowing businesses to branch out and use word of mouth marketing to entice new customers to your business. The social media aspect will improve your overall brand image, by putting it out there in the world for people to notice. All this converts into increase brand awareness, leads, sales and profit.

9 Reasons why Social Media marketing is a worthwhile Investment

1.  Social media will help promote your brand and business through exposure and sharing of information amongst your network which will always grow.
2.  Social media is very popular and will only continue to grow. Its extensive reach & dynamic functionality means most businesses can benefit from it.
3.  These platforms allow businesses to keep their customers informed, strengthen relationships, build new networks and gather feedback.
4.  Allows businesses to reach all ages and demographics with no geographical boundaries. This collating of data is invaluable when used correctly.
5.  Social media users are extremely active with more than 50% of Facebook & Twitter users checking in daily, or walking into your business!
6.  Social platforms encourages two way communication, the sharing of info, thoughts & ideas, for businesses this translates to customer feedback.
7.  Customer service is enhanced with social media allowing businesses with an opportunity to respond immediately to their target audience.
8.  At the core of social media is sharing of information, providing consumers with a place to learn about your product, service, brand & business.
9.  Businesses use email marketing to connect with customers and social media to extend reach, attracting & generating brand buzz and a new audience.