Other Services

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are developed to advertise promotions; notify and inform customers; customer service & support; allows business to showcase products and services.
Mobile Web Design

With the ever growing use of smartphone and tablets, website designs now needs to cater for new technologies and need to become more responsive.
Addon Modules

SMS advertising is utilised by businesses as a communication tool to establish a relationship with the customer, providing value-added information to an existing customer base.

Client Retention

Client retention is the process of connecting with a member base to develop a solid foundation to be informative and exceeding a customers expectations. Analysing the current customer base is the key to develop the right retention model.
Client Building

Client building is a key marketing model to generate growth. Increasing a client or customer base is at the core of all client building strategies. 3 core models: online advertising; improving presence; database creation.
B2B + B2C Data Lists

Business and consumer datalists are utilised in developing business growth and utilised to promote your product or service. Datalists can be selected by industry and region that you want to target.


Digital Web Forms

In a mobile world the need to make website more responsive is growing to making a business more accessible online. Build web forms for a better user experience and increase the growth of your business by providing accessible online forms.
Digital Brochures

Digital brochures and ebooks provide a stylised user experience tailored to your service or product business. Have a interactive creative designed digital brochure showcasing your brand, company, images and content.
Digital Printing

EMP has wide range of printing services that provides flexibility to ensure sharp prints and vibrant colours from your first print to the very last. At EMP our expert customised printing on surfaces including: paper, board, canvas and clothing.

Promotional Products

Providing a wide rage of promotional products, which are a great way to enhance loyalty amongst customers. EMP can digitally print on most of the promotional products that we offer that includes: polo shirts, hi-vis workwear and a variety of accessories.
Creative Design

EMP develop e-Newsletters for your business product or service. We use our graphical ingenuity and diverse skill base to craft newsletters for both client retention and client building.

Press Releases

Press releases are created to generate interest and awareness through proper research and development. A press release is sent directly to media channels and media outlets to synthesis your business and create interest for your businesses.

Reporting & Analytics

EMP provide reporting and analytics on all of our services to show a transparency in our core processes and allows our clients to further quantify our services by measuring online performance and is provided on a monthly or campaign basis.
Tech Support

EMP pride ourselves on customer services and developing a client relationship. Call us for any technical issue you may have with any of our service offerings and we will explain each detail. Our tech support is available via email or phone.
Domain Registration & Hosting

EMP provides profesional domain registration and hosting for html and all CMS and eCommerce based websites. EMP partner with australian based hosting Ilisys based in WA Australia and have excellent uptime of over 99% and run on renewable energy.