Fax Marketing

Fax Marketing allows business to target specific demographics, industry and region and generate brand awareness. Communicating a message to your target market instantly, and is proven to be an effective advertising tool. Our team at EMP Australia has been helping companies to achieve great results from fax marketing for over 10 years.

Businesses often utilise fax marketing or fax broadcasting to send information to current clients and/or potential new customers such as announcements, press releases, newsletters, offer of products or promotion of services.

EMP has over 1.9 million business fax numbers categorised by postcode, industry type and geographical location. EMP data is utilised by DELL Australia and has been utilised for both broad range and targeted fax campaigns.

Fax Marketing provides a number of benefits for businesses
  • Very powerful B2B marketing tool and can provide an increase in sale leads at low cost whilst generating brand awareness.
  • Fax broadcasting can be measured by number of calls received, sales or additional traffic to website or landing page.
  • Message is delivered instantly in bulk and can be targeted to business, industry and geographical location.
  • Multiple business opportunities and multiple views of business message of products and services
  • It is a cost effective way to send your message to a targeted audience, fax marketing is 50% cheaper than paper advertising
  • Simple and easy process - Can organise a fax campaign within 48 hours
  • Fax Marketing is not only for building customer and client base, it is also a tool to complement customer retention

Choosing EMP Australia to generate brand awareness and leads through Fax Marketing
  • EMP can assist with your campaign & help design a fax creative that will appeal to your target market.
  • With our knowledge & experience we will provide advice and assistance on how to best target your particular market
  • Broadcasting can generate quality calls and leads for your business
  • Run different campaigns over consecutive days to increase response. Changes to fax creative are free of charge if needed, unlike printed advertising that cannot be changed
  • Same day broadcast and report provided on fax distribution
Facts about faxing with EMP
  • No set up fees or fixed term contracts and fax credits do not expire
  • High quality fax transmission and reliable hardware and systems for fax distribution
  • Only pay for faxes successfully sent when sending to EMP database on your behalf
  • We have an excellent fax marketing database which clients can utilise as part of our service
  • 1.9 million Australian B2B data with comprehensive industry categories and geographical metadata to be able to target your campaign effectively.
  • Our prices also include provision of handling any numbers that opt-out of receiving faxes from your organisation
  • EMP is 100% ACMA compliant. EMP wash fax numbers against the "Do Not Call Register" (DNCR) as part of the service
Costing is as follows:

Our fax broadcast pricing depends on the volume of faxes being sent. EMP provide a discounted pricing structure available to clients who send on a regular basis or send to volumes greater than 50,000 faxes per month.

   •   Minimum Fax quantity
   •   Basic Fax campaign
   •   Small Business campaign
1,000 distribution
1,000 to 2,500 faxes
2,500 to 5,000 faxes

Contact one of our consultants at sales@empaustralia.com.au for a no obligation free quote or to answer any questions you may have about fax broadcasting

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