Email Marketing

Target specific industries and geographic segmentations with the B2B strategy. Job titles e.g. CEO's or directors, business turnover and employee size are additional criteria.


Start your email campaign with a $300+GST setup fee and receive a report on the criteria. From an additional $300 + GST minimum distribute 1000 emails.

Best ROI Strategy:

Distribute 1000 emails 3 times over 4 weeks from $600+GST with a minumum setup fee of $300+GST. Receive a report on criteria after 7days.

Target the right consumers with our B2C strategy that segments the market based upon demographics, geographics and interest group topics such as property information.

The Business tp Consumer model is based on a click through rate, i.e. only the consumers that click through to your website are calculated.


Email Marketing from B2C from $300+GST setup fee. Costing for B2C is based on CTW (Click To Website) at a cost of $1.20+GST per click minimum order of 3000 clicks.


EMP Australia's extended services include creating a marketing device to be distributed to set database. We professionally craft creative pieces with our 8 year experience. We utilise HTML, graphic design, photoshop and copywriting to effectively construct the right creative for your needs. We can create any style, graphic, title, image, text, content and link it with any webpage you need to associate, send and market.


From $300+GST for creative (1 page html with style and links to website). We tweak, edit and evaluate all creative's upon distribution and report. Feel secure in the knowledge that we re-evaluate all our campaigns.